Map of horizons

Published in 2021 on the occasion of Map of horizons installation at Webber Gallery
385 x 315mm
Numbered edition of 10

Print set containing 4 x Single Colour Offset prints (a small edit of photographic research material from 2018 - 2021) typewritten colophon, screen printed divider and archive document in fitted wallet. This is the first material collated for an extended research portfolio due to be published in a small edition in 2022.

Map of horizons is the second part of an ongoing body of work, following on from Dark Interlude (2020). The work sets out to shape a new idea of landscape, through its evolution, manipulation, histories, mythologies and order; how significant the interplay of these forces are, with our idea of reality and today’s world. This chapter of the works looks back as far as 6000 years ago, with the first evidence of humans altering the natural world, to the age of discovery and the new character of civilization in the time of the machine.

Whilst the work concerns itself with the blinding depths of this irrevocable evolution, it also speculates on new events and technological realities that will shape the future.

The edition also contains Insert | Bend | Rotate a single colour offset print with typewritten and signed certicate. This edition documents an iteration of a sculpture shown in the Map of horizons installation. The series of intersecting sculptures evolved from site based sculpture carried out in 2016 using generic subsurface structural materials and was realised in four variants before being stripped for parts and it's sections recycled. This print is the remains of the series.