Map of horizons portfolio

Produced in 2021 / 2022
420mm x 348mm x 15mm
Edition of 2 + 1AP (1 copper / 1 painted steel)

Contents: 2 x silkscreen printed portfolios containing; 6 x single colour offset prints, typewritten notes, drawings, 8 x gelatin silver prints, 13 x c-type prints and archive material

Ground, milled, drilled and tapped interlocking stainless steel sidewalls / laser cut and countersunk copper panels. Black / stainless steel M3 countersunk machine screw fixings and hex key

The two editions, excluding the lithographic prints have entirely unique material. They contain redacted collections of material used to develop project work from the last two years. One side of the portfolio contains a collection of colour photographs and the other side a mix of research material, test prints, lithographs, silkscreen prints, drawings, notes and gelatin silver prints.

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